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People tend to be scared of the unknown. Scared of darkness, of strangers, scared of the future.
In freediving, we learn to embrace the unknown bye believing in yourself-knowing that you can.

As human, we were born as a diver. Even before we were born, we already became a diver at our mother’s womb without any artificial equipment. we can say every living creature from animalia kingdom is natural freediver. This instinct makes us -as a human- to try lot of new things for adrenaline and explore the new world. Under water world. They do something they’re capable of without any knowledge. They tend to ignore fundamental knowledge that lead to dangerous and unsafely behavior.

So, here we are establishing Apnea Culture. We want to introduce a new culture where freediving is done with proper knowledge in a less risky manner, relaxing, enjoyable and safer dive. We believe we can deliver to you our values and become leading freediving institution in Indonesia and world wide acknowledgeable.

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