13 – 15 October 2017

ID: Apnea Competition 2017


In 2014, “ID: Apnea Competition” was first held as a small event (ID: Apnea Pool Competition – Trial) participated by local freedivers as a platform for us to gather around and to give reasons for them to keep training and improving themselves. Having positive responses from the athletes, committee, and crowds, we (Apnea Culture) – as the organiser, are very excited and planned to make it our regular event, because we believe that it gives people something to look forward, something to train for, and something that will let others see freediving as a growing, safe and fun sport.

A year after (2015), we had fourteen athletes comes from three different nationalities. In 2016, the numbers doubled – 28 athletes, representing 5 nationalities. Best performances were achieved and new national records were made. We were supported by dedicated committee member, high quality judges, good safety freediver team, and of course amazing sponsors. We are planning to keep the ball rolling, make a little change here and there to provide the best possible condition for athletes, judges, and everyone involved to perform and enjoy their time in our event.

The competition will last for 3 days starting from 13th until 15th October 2017 (briefing day on 12th October 2017). We want to give each athletes a chance to do their best in each discipline: dynamic no fins (DNF), static apnea (STA), and dynamic with fins (DYN). Upon registration, athletes will automatically enlisted to take part in each discipline, however they could choose not to compete in one or more days of the competition. Yet, athletes with the highest combined score from each discipline will be crowned winners. Competition will follow the latest standard and regulation of AIDA International.


The competition will be held in swimming pool facilities of Sekolah Pelita Harapan at Lippo Karawaci, Banten, Tangerang – Indonesia.

The pool is an 8 lanes olympic size pool (50m x 21m) with depth 1.2m sloping to 1.8m. Both DYN and DNF will be using 50m length (sorry we cannot provide 25m length for DNF yet people..), STA will be done in the shallow end of the pool (1.2m). It is an outdoor pool, water temperature is about 29-31°C, while the ambient temperature would be about 30-34°C (depending on the weather, could be colder when rain).

There will be 2 competition lanes that run parallel on each side of the pool. We have a high level Judge and a pool suitable for a WR standard, so we are good if any of you want to break a WR, (just make sure you let me know so that we can prepare everything~!)

Competition Structure

Each athletes will have to perform 3 pool disciplines: Static Apnea (STA), Dynamic with Fins (DYN), Dynamic without Fins (DNF). Each performance will be measured and converted into points according to AIDA Competition Regulations. Athletes with the highest total points will be the winner.

With a comfortable 3 competition days, athletes will perform 1 discipline each day:

Day 1: DNF/DYN

Day 2: STA

Day 3: DYN/DNF

Each athlete may choose which Dynamic Apnea they want to do on day 1 and day 3. They are allowed to swap/repeat a dynamic discipline (DYN on Day 1 or DNF on Day 3), however the result will not be considered for winner point calculation (only the highest result will be counted). Announce Performance (AP) will be collected 1 day before the respective competition day (AP for day 1 will be collected during briefing day).

Additional Regulations

We want to make the competition as interesting as possible by preparing trophies, medals, and attractive prizes for winners. However, we uphold safety as our primary goal, thus we set a few additional rules in our event related to safety and Black Out (BO):

1. Athletes should be at least an AIDA 2* Pool Freediver or equivalent.
To make sure that all participants know what they are doing, we require each athletes to provide a proof of certification/education participation equal to AIDA 2* Pool Freediver.

2. Athlete cannot perform if he/she blacked out during his/her warm up dive.
As it is stated in the AIDA Regulation, any athletes who had a black out (BO) during his/her performance have to stop diving for the rest of the day. Since there will be one discipline per day, we don’t need to worry too much about this rule. BUT, a black out during warm up IS a black out and athlete who had a BO during their warm up, will not be allowed to compete on that day.

3. Athlete who had BO will not be able to win.
It is possible that athlete who has a red card in one of his/her performances still have a higher total score compare to his/her competitors and still able to win the competition. However, if the red card was given because the athlete suffered a black out, he/she will lose the chance to win the competition. We would like to promote safe behaviour and thus decided that winning athletes should be those who prioritise on safety.


Registration Open! Follow this link to register yourself as an athlete!

We limit our competition for a total of 40 athletes. All competitors should be a qualified freediver (minimum AIDA 2* Pool Freediver or equivalent).

Registration fee for the competition is $100 per athlete. You can follow the link above to direct you to our online registration form. After you submit the registration form, you will receive an email from us as a confirmation and information regarding payment methods and required documents. After you complete the payment and send the proof of payment to us, your registration is complete. If for some reason you decided to withdraw, we will return 50% of the registration fee (if it was done before 6 Oct 2017), after 6 Oct 2017, we cannot refund your registration fee (sorry). Registration will be closed 1 day before briefing day (11 Oct 2017), so don’t be late! ;)

Registration fee includes:

  • Entry to ID: Apnea Competition 2017 for all disciplines (STA – DYN – DNF)
  • On site first aid assistance (according to AIDA Competition standards)
  • Submission fee to AIDA Ranking System
  • Competition T-Shirt (one for each participant)

It does not include:

  • Accommodation
  • Transports to/from competition venue (e.g. flight ticket, car, etc)
  • Medical and medical evacuation insurance
  • Meals
  • Pre-competition training

Important Dates

Wednesday, 11th Oct 2017: Registration Closed!
Time: 21:00 (GMT+7)

Thursday, 12th Oct 2017: Briefing & Document Checking
Time: 14:00 – 16:00 (GMT+7) Updated!

Friday, 13th Oct 2017: Competition Day 1 (DNF/DYN)
Time: 07:00 – 14:00 (GMT+7) Updated!

Saturday, 14th Oct 2017: Competition Day 2 (STA)
Time: 09:00 – 14:00

Sunday, 15th Oct 2017: Competition Day 3 (DYN/DNF) + Closing Ceremony
Time: 09:00 – 18:00 (GMT+7)

Prize Structure

We separate 3 categories for this year and have prepared trophies and prizes for each winner:

– IDAC 2017 Best Male/Female Freediver (1st & 2nd)

-IDAC 2017 Best Indonesian Male/Female Freediver (1st & 2nd)

– IDAC 2017 Best Male/Female Newcomer (1st & 2nd)

We also give recognitions (medals) to each individual who perform the best in each discipline:

– Male/Female Best Performance STA (gold, silver, bronze)

– Male/Female Best Performance DNF (gold, silver, bronze)

– Male/Female Best Performance DYN Monofin (gold, silver, bronze)

– Male/Female Best Performance DYN Bifins (gold, silver, bronze)

Every record breaking (National and even World) will got certificate of recognition for the wonderful effort that you’ve done! But please let me know if you are trying to break a World Record! =)

Our Sponsors

Registered Athletes

1. Mohd Azam Abdul Hamid (Malaysia)
2. Paul Wai-Kei SACK (Malaysia)
3. Stefan Randig (Germany)
4. Hendra Iriansya (Indonesia)
5. Sutiswan – Ichan (Indonesia)
6. Anton Hartanto (Indonesia)
7. Sumitomo Widjaja (Indonesia)
8. Rahmat Hidayat (Indonesia)
9. Jonathan Chong (Singapore)
10. Michael Board (Great Britain)
11. Agung Suksma (Indonesia)

1. Syafidatul Azua Shafii (Malaysia)
2. Rizky Oktavany (Indonesia)
3. Audrey Jiwajennie (Indonesia)
4. Victoire Desvigne (France)
5. Nikita Fima Atriyu (Indonesia)
6. Windy Apsari Burhan (Indonesia)

Photos and materials are provided by IDAC Team 2014 – 2017. All rights reserved by Apnea Culture 2014 – 2017.